2020 - Anthony Haughton 

Undergraduate Certificate

Anthony Haughton, an Iowa City native, is majoring in ethics and public policy and minoring in economics and african american studies with a certificate in sustainability. He is the vice president of Alpha Phi Alpha and strives to promote brotherhood and academic excellence. As the director of communications for Hubbard Scholars, Haughton works hard to connect with students and create a more inclusive community of learning and support. He is a part of various committees at the University of Iowa and works to benefit students. In January 2020, Haughton attended LeaderShape, an interactive experience that builds leadership skills, in hopes of gaining tools to better serve his community. Haughton is also a part of the University of Iowa Student Government and serves as the director of student services. He has been a part of many successful projects like negotiating the airport shuttle service, which helps students get to the airport during breaks. Anthony has been successful in integrating his various areas of study into uplifting others and giving back to his community.

Joseph McDonell

2020 - Joseph McDonell

Undergraduate Certificate

Joseph McDonell, from Hiawatha, Iowa is majoring in human physiology in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. He started his collegiate career at the age of 29 as a single father of two, at Kirkwood Community College. Despite his nontraditional path, McDonell has been very successful during his time at the University of Iowa. Hiss honors research at Iowa has been focused on defining a series of equations to predict gas exchange abnormalities in premature infants in the neonatal intensive care unit. In the lab, he stands out as a leader and a hard worker and has been a prime example for other undergraduates. McDonell has demonstrated leadership in many activities including his role as a clinic coordinator for the UIowa Free Mobile Clinic. At the clinic he works to recruit volunteers to assist in providing free medical care to underserved populations. McDonell instructs students at Kirkwood Community College in his spare time.

2020 - Lindsay Agostinelli

Graduate Certificate

Lindsay Agostinelli, from Boston, Massachusetts is a MD/PhD candidate in the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine. She has spent the last twelve years conducting research on areas of the brain that have never been studied before, where she aided in the discovery of a novel set of neurons. Her passion and fervor for learning are exemplified by her involvement in research and exceptional academics. While her degree usually takes eight years to complete, she will graduate with a dual doctorate in just five years. Agostinelli not only sees an importance in learning but also in educating. She is a teaching assistant in neuroanatomy, where she has leads by not just advice and good counsel but also by example. She has also been a mentor and tutor for many students who themselves have gone to pursue careers in medical scientist training programs.

Javier Flores

2020 - Javier Flores

Graduate Certificate

Javier Flores, from Brownsville Texas, is a doctoral student in biostatistics in the College of Public Health. He first came to Iowa to participate in the Iowa Summer Institute in Biostatistics in the summer of 2014 while he was studying at the University of Texas. Flores served as the president of Biostatistics from 2018-2019 and worked hard to promote diversity and inclusion at the University of Iowa. He was also the sole graduate student representative to the CPH Dean Search Committee and played a major role in recruitment efforts. Flores has continued his involvement in the Iowa Summer Institute in Biostatistics by taking on the role of a project advisor in the program. He is not only passionate about learning but is also committed to teaching and mentoring and worked as a Visiting Instructor in Grinnell last spring. Flores’ long list of accomplishments have made him an inspirational role model for graduate students at Iowa.