Sherry Watt

2020 - Sherry Watt 

Dr. Sherry Watt is a professor in educational policy and leadership studies in the College of Education. She is the leader of the Multicultural Initiatives Research team where she conducts workshops and contributes to scholarly writing. Her research has been focused on privileged identity from which she has developed the Privileged Identity Exploration Model, which identifies defensive reactions displayed in difficult dialogues. Professor Watt is also the founder of The Third Thing Institute where students use strategies to facilitate dialogues regarding complex social problems. The goal of this institute is to train individuals and teams to frame environments that promote trust, engagement and collaboration. She introduces these same ideas with younger students by working with K-12 school districts on training educators on how to facilitate difficult conversations in classrooms. Additionally, Dr. Watt is involved in various educational initiatives that support students through their MA and PhD journeys.