FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

1. Q: If a student organization nominates two students, does that detract from the nominated student's chances compared to if a student organization only nominated one student? 

A: Information submitted and total submissions in each category are factors, not who submits the nomination. All nominations are reviewed independently on content provided by the nominee. 

2. Q: Last year, a student organization was able to nominate two students for the "graduate" Hancher Finkbine Medallion, and two students for the undergraduate Hancher Finkbine Medallion. Is this still true for this year? 

A: Four medallions are normally presented to currently enrolled students, two for undergraduates and two for graduate/professional students. Your organization may nominate two students in each category. 

3. Q: Do you send the call for nomination to Student Org leaders, or to anyone in a Student Org, and advisors as well? 

A: The information is sent to the President and Vice President of Student Organizations.

4. Q: Are there any specific requirements for who should write a letter of recommendation? 

A: The letter of recommendation is an optional opportunity to provide multiple perspectives about a student's experience on learning, leadership and loyalty from either a faculty, staff, or student. As a reminder, applicants are evaluated solely on their individual nominations. 

5. Q: As president of student organization, does my name need to appear as the nominator for each person or can it be another member of our organization (e.g. another student member who knows the nominee well)? 

A: If agreed upon, the group can nominate an individual.

6. Q: My college has a pass/fail curriculum, can we still nominate?

A: Yes, please just make a note on the application that the curriculum is Pass/Fail and note if the student is in good standing