The Dinette L. Myers’ Outstanding Student Organization Collaboration award recognizes successful collaborations among multiple student organizations and agencies.

Dinette L. Myers started her career at the University of Iowa in 1986 working in a number of capacities during her time at UI. Dinette has always been best known by students and campus partners for her thoughtful collaborations over the years. She was a willing resource in helping students make new connections - often serving on committees, as great teammate for countless events and programs. She has been a valued colleague across the Division of Student Life and University. This award honors her spirit and commitment to thoughtful collaborations between organizations, leaders, and community partners. We are grateful for the many student leaders and nominees who have helped extend this lesson and legacy Dinette modeled for us so well.

The recipient of this award should have made meaningful contributions to the University of Iowa community through collaborative efforts (either throughout the year or a single successful program).

The nominees have:

  • Demonstrated a collaborative spirit through work with numerous organizations or a one-time collaborative effort between two or more organizations.
  • Engaged in programming that enhanced the University of Iowa community and institutional values of collaboration and initiative by utilizing a creative and unique approach.
  • Explored and fostered innovative and efficient ways of reaching and involving diverse student audiences, while integrating the purpose of all organizations involved.
  • Strived to collaborate, coordinate, and manage fiscally-sound, well-planned programs.